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Café du Ciel

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard Flight 4B7 with service from Montreal to the World. Thank you for choosing
Café Airlines.

Enjoy your flight!

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About Us

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Dear passengers, in our café we offer you the pleasure of traveling around the world on a limited time and budget. Our café will take you to all parts of the world without you ever having to get on a plane. Enjoy delicious cuisine from all over the world. Take advantage of our service and make your world travel dreams come true.
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Ladies and gentlemen, we are now starting the in-flight catering service. We have food and beverages available, so if you’d like some, just ask the stewardess.


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Dear passengers, We’ll soon be passing through Spain. The origins of Spain’s signature dish, paella, can be traced back to the Arabs, who introduced rice cultivation to Spain. Paella is a rice dish cooked in a special pan – a shallow, round, flat-bottomed frying pan with handles on both sides. This dish is sautéed with a generous mix of ingredients such as vegetables, seafood and meat. After adding Japonica rice and water, saffron is used as a yellow coloring agent to complete the cooking process.
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