About Us

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Dear passengers, at our cafe, we offer the joy of travelling around the world with limited time and budget. Our cafe will take you to all parts of the world without ever getting on a plane. Here you can enjoy delicious cuisine from all over the world. Enjoy our service and make your dreams of travelling the world come true.
As of 2024, we have an eastbound route from Montreal (Europe, Middle East, Asia), and will soon be offering a southwest route (Hawaii, Australia, Africa). We plan to continue operating various routes in the future to provide everyone with a wonderful experience. Please look forward to it.

save the earth campaign

Three campaigns for the earth

1,Zero Food waste campaign
-If you eat all the food you ordered, you will get 5% off at checkout.

2, My bottle campaign
-For customers who bring their own bottles, we will fill them with coconut water at checkout.

3, Instagram Eco campaign
– If you do some kind of eco-friendly activity, post it on Instagram with #cafe-du-ciel, and present it at checkout, you will get 5% off.